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When you are in a car accident, you may need legal help right away. The injuries caused by the crash can bring your life to a halt, affecting your earning capacity, physical and emotional well-being, and your relationships with friends and family. A personal injury attorney can deal with all aspects of your case, including negotiations with your insurance company.

What Is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law is governed by the law of negligence. It deals with the harm caused when someone fails in their duty to show care to another. In the case of a car accident, a personal injury lawyer is best equipped to analyze the evidence to discover what happened. When one driver is at fault for the accident, causing another person to suffer severe injuries, a personal injury lawyer can help the victim get appropriate compensation.

What Types of Auto Accidents Are Personal Injury Cases?

Every car accident requires negotiations with your insurer. However, many plaintiffs in personal injury cases have suffered physical or emotional harm because of the accident. Any auto accident where the victim needs medical attention is serious; if the collision was the result of negligence, or fault, on the part of one driver, a lawyer can help the injured person recover damages.

What Should You Do If You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Your first task after a car accident is to take care of yourself and seek medical attention. But in order to assist your personal injury lawyer, it is helpful to document as much of the accident scene as possible. Take photos with your smartphone and write down as many details as you remember. When you are ready, contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your case.

Your personal injury attorney should be willing to speak with your insurer on your behalf. They should take all essential steps to make your life easier while your medical care is ongoing, such as helping you with workplace disability claims and acting as your representative during return-to-work discussions with your employer.

If a car accident has brought unexpected chaos into your life, get a personal injury attorney to advocate for you. Contact Dunn Law Firm to learn more.


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