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Dog Bites/Animal Attacks: Criminal Attorney in Nashville

Did you know that up to two million people per year suffer from animal bites in the United States? Many of these people don't realize that their injury could be cause for legal action if another individual or company is to blame. Over 150 people per year die from animal attacks in the U.S., so anyone responsible for creating the circumstance in which you were attacked could in fact be held responsible for putting your life at risk.

If you have suffered a dog bite or other form of animal attack, the first priority should be to seek medical attention. If an animal-related injury goes untreated, it can cause infection and serious illness or death, as animals can be carriers of diseases that are often very harmful if they spread to humans. Animal bites can also cause serious injury and potential scarring.

Once you have received satisfactory medical treatment, then it's time to contact a lawyer in order to find out if you are in a position to take legal action against the person or company responsible for enabling the attack. Do your research and choose a legal firm that has specialist experience in cases regarding dog bites and animal attacks, such as Dunn Law Firm in Tennessee.

When you speak to an attorney regarding your animal attack, you can expect to be asked to describe exactly what happened and where, so make sure to have as much information as possible. You will also need to provide contact details for the owner of the animal or the location where the attack took place and for any witnesses to the incident.

Whether or not you have a legal case will depend on the laws in your state and the circumstances of the attack. Some states have stricter laws about animal owner liability, which says the owner is responsible for the attack, even if they didn't know the animal was dangerous. In other states, you may need to prove that the owner did know the animal had "dangerous propensities," for example if they own an animal that commonly attacks humans. You will also need to prove that there wasn't sufficient warning that the animal could be dangerous.

To find out if you have a case regarding a dog bite or other animal attack, contact Dunn Law Firm for more information.

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